Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hispanic Advertising

Interested in Hispanic Advertising?

You've landed to the right website...

Consider this... Hispanics utilize the internet as a primary tool for social networking, researching and purchasing products, this according to a study conducted by Ipsos U.S. Hispanic Omnibus.

Now the question all US industries need to ask themselves is whether or not they are ready to market to America’s fastest growing demographic segment (45 million and counting).

Communicating efficiently to the Hispanic market is the key to a successful Latino advertising campaign, and this area is where my strengths lie. In particular I create Spanish microsites of main websites in English and optimize them to cater directly to the Hispanic community.

The microsites mimic the mother English sites in content and marketing focus, in an effort to convey the same ad idea CORRECTLY into Spanish. These websites are optimized for search engine results, ensuring the max effect in terms of website traffic for your advertising dollars.

Feel free to contact Spanish SEO advisor Elvis Arias, for a free consultation and start your Hispanic advertising campaign on the right foot.

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