Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hispanic Advertising - Best Bang for the Buck

Hispanic Advertising - Spanish Website Translation and Optimization Services

I have prepared a summary of the services that I can offer you as part of an effective Internet marketing strategy which revolves around microsites. For those of you who are unaware, microsites are an effective way to market your business online with a website that has a strong domain name. These microsites are normally created in addition to your main website. They are called microsites because in our view, they should be focused to a particular topic or niche market. I can create this microsite on a powerful new domain name or it can be placed as a sub-domain off your existing website.

The website will be created in WordPress which means that you will be able to login and add/edit pages on the website without any programming skills.

I have also outlined in our proposal basic keyword research and website registrations so that when the site is completed, you have the best chance of the new site being ranked highly in Google, Yahoo and Bing searches.

  1. Create Primary Content Keyword Target List – We will create a organic search marketing checklist of search phrases that do not place your website at the top of Google Page one. You'll review the list and then we will attack the list with content. We'll measure our success in moving articles onto Google Page One each month.
  2. Create WordPress Microsite - I'll setup a WordPress website on a domain that the client likes. I'll need your business logo and some idea of what you would like the site to look like. If the client makes extensive design changes the budget would increase.
  3. Create basic external links and register your website in the “A-List” directories. Our A-List directory consists of effective directory websites and a series of other related websites which deliver good links. Some of these sites allow us to create a more detailed business listing, so time will vary from those on our list.
Spanish SEO consultant, Elvis Arias offers Hispanic Internet Marketing services at an affordable cost. Give him a call and learn what options can be provided for your business. 732-982-4848

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