Sunday, June 7, 2009

Importance of Hispanic Advertising by the Numbers

"The Power of the Hispanic Consumer Online" is a report from Scarborough Research which found that Hispanic Internet users are not very far behind when it comes to purchasing online when compared to the total population. Sixty-two percent of online Hispanic adults reported having made at least one online purchase in the previous in the past year, vs. 70 percent of Internet users in general. Among those who did make such purchases, the average spent in the previous 12 months was $762 for Hispanic respondents and $861 for Internet users generally.

The report also took a look at some metro areas that have disproportionate numbers of Hispanic adults. Among the findings about these markets: The rate of broadband access among online Hispanics was particularly high in Miami (76 percent), San Francisco (75 percent) and New York (72 percent). The incidence of past-30-day downloading among Hispanic Internet users was highest in Phoenix (60 percent). The average amount of online spending, among Hispanics who'd made any online purchase in the prior 12 months, was highest in New York (at $883), San Francisco ($879) and Phoenix ($831).

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