Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hotels Guayaquil : Memories from an Unforgettable Experience

The first thing that shocked me when I first came to Guayaquil was the weather. It is so similar to my sunny India, I couldn’t help but think I was already feeling home. The traffic on the streets was another hint that this was another déjà vu. The busy streets of this city are something I can feel familiar with. The only exception being the number of times Ecuadorians switch lanes, LOL!

But I wouldn’t consider myself a World Traveler –even more than a business man- if I didn’t respect and appreciate the different cultures, their unique characteristics and traditions. It is exactly why traveling is so much fun for me. How fun would it be if everybody behaved, ate, dressed and acted equally? I for one would be bored to death and eventually would simply stop traveling. Why bother? I have the Travel Channel so I wouldn’t be missing anything.

When I travel around the world, I want to see, eat, do and learn new things. From swimming with dolphins at the Florida Keys, eating excruciatingly hot and delicious food in Bangladesh, to doing business in South America. However, there’s one thing I wouldn’t compromise for anything in the world: accommodation. I should probably say I’d like to sleep under the stars “al fresco” but that is one thing I personally don’t want to try.

Hilton Hotel - Guayaquil, Ecuador

It isn’t possible to find a Hilton on every corner, but whenever I find one, I book a room there. I did it when I went for business to Guayaquil and it was the best decision. This city has many great international hotels to accommodate tired foreigners like me, but I can honestly say this is by far, the best in town.  Would you enjoy an endless ride in the shuttle to the hotel, after traveling for 12 hours? No? I didn’t think so! The Hilton in Guayaquil is only 5 mins from the airport and I promise you won’t even notice the crazy traffic.

The staff at the Hilton is all smiles and they won’t hesitate to help you with just about anything. The food is delicious and you can find many different menus, from Japanese, Spanish, Italian to –of course – Ecuadorian. Haven’t tried Ecuadorian food yet? Well I’m vegetarian so I wouldn’t be a trustable source of information but my friends say it’s DELICIOUS! Vegetables are always fresh and you’ll always find juice made of fresh fruits. You’ll feel the need to slurp it like a child.

Your best friend is furry and has four cute and restless paws?  The Hilton staff will receive as if it was one of your kids. I wouldn’t travel with mine because he would bark at everyone but believe me I would gladly take him with me if he wasn’t so noisy and spoiled.

I want the Hilton to continue to be the place I want to go at the end of a busy day in Guayaquil. The rest of new things can wait for me outside and the Hilton is the bubble I don’t want anyone to burst.

Source: Hotels Guayaquil . net