Sunday, August 22, 2010

Psicologos en Guayaquil

Andrea Villacres is a well known Clinical Psychologist in Guayaquil, Ecuador who contacted our Spanish SEO team for help marketing her services on Google for keyword seraches related to her industry.

After our initial SEO keyword study we determined to go with the very effective one-two punch of a branding blog plus the creation of a strategic microsite. The blog we created for Andrea Villacres bears her name in the domain, the title tags also mentions her complete name while avoiding words that clutter the tag. Our link building strategy for this blog targeted websites in Spanish and hosted in Ecuador. In addition, we developed fresh content that was approved by Andrea to launch press releases that gave an immediate Google Page One impact for searches on "Psicologo Guayaquil".

The results of our Spanish SEO strategy were according to Andrea "shocking". Within two months she doubled her client base and received publicity via TV and Newspaper interviews thanks to her well ranked blog. After witnessing the potential of online marketing she hired us to create a microsite to post industry related local news and help boost her rankings even further.

We went with a Posterous blog for her microsite. The keyword rich "Psicologos en Guayaquil" was available so we snatched it and have seen the microsite rank very well for the universal Psicologos en Guayaquil.

Andrea Villacres has her eyes on Google Page One Dominance and so do we !

Monday, June 14, 2010

Automotive Advertising Network

Elvis Arias has been selected as Project Manager for the Automotive Advertising Network (AAN). The AAN utilizes the power of local and regional search optimized automotive web sites, managed by PCG Digital Marketing, which can advertise your car inventory to drive clicks to car detail pages. Dealers located in areas of the country where there is a large Spanish speaking population can utilize our Spanish SEO strategies to target this important demographic.

Participating dealers are using the Automotive Advertising Network to generate more leads and sales for a lot less money and they can measure everything they spend. The AAN places your cars for sale in front of consumers on the most popular search engines, for national, regional and local search phrases , with the advantage of having their cars listed without competitors ads, distracting Adsense advertising and clutter.

In addition to PCG managed web sites in the AAN, our CarPort App also allows you to add your inventory to existing blogs and social media web sites that you own. Drop your inventory on a new Facebook Fan Page tab , Social media communities like NING or popular blog platforms like Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Vox, Squidoo and HubPages.

Automotive advertising has changed very quickly, do not let your competition get the upper hand in your PMA. Online visibility is a MUST in today's market , dealers who dedicate most of their advertising budgets online will win. Contact Elvis Arias for more details: 732-982-4848

Friday, April 16, 2010

Casas Ecuador

Spanish SEO specialist Elvis Arias announced his participation in the new real estate directory for buyers and sellers of homes throughout the major cities in Ecuador. The web portal Casas Ecuador is designed by a professional in internet marketing and promises to appear highly ranked on Google for various keyword related phrases such as “casas, departamentos oficinas”.

If you are in the real estate business and want to promote your home online make sure to pay a visit to “Casas Ecuador” for an affordable and effective internet marketing solutions.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Alimentos Balanceados

Molinos Champion S.A. has chosen Claramark’s knowledgeable team of search engine optimization experts including Spanish SEO consultant Elvis Arias to help their pages rank higher on Google search. The Spanish SEO team implemented an aggressive online marketing campaign that included Spanish and English translation, social media promotion and keyword optimization. With this, Molinos Champion will not only see a marked increase in its sales within the local market, but it will also expand its business internationally, thus achieving their main goal and helping bring Ecuador to the forefront of animal feed exports.

Molinos Champion’s website,, as well as its two sister websites: and are already ranking in the top ten websites on page one of Google search when the keywords “alimentos balanceados”, “feed manufacturer” and “shrimp feed” are entered, respectively.

Molinos Champion’s outstanding line of products includes balanced feed supplements for shrimp, fish, poultry, livestock, horses, sheep and other domestic animals. They are recognized worldwide for their quality and high nutritional value, and their technology and quality standards are monitored by their parent company Seaboard & Continental Grain Co., which guarantees that Molinos Champion’s WAYNE products will be a success competing within international markets.

Molinos Champion takes pride in offering the best products, some of which are:

  • Shrimp:  Super Larva, Super Maduración, Raceway, Super U
  • Tilapia: Tilapia 22% Extruído
  • Trout: Trucha Alevín 45%, Trucha Alevín A/D 50%, Trucha Engorde 32%, Trucha Engorde A/D 40%
Poultry: Chick Feed, Chick Starter, Chick Grower, Broiler, Broiler Finisher

Livestock: Ganamin Grower, Ganamin 10 Andina

Other Products: Super Can, WAYNE Super Horse, WAYNE for Rabbits, WAYNE for Mice, WAYNE for Guinea Pigs

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Balanceados Wayne

Elvis Arias, is proud to announce his participation with the Molinos Champion internet marketing and Spanish SEO project. Molinos Champion, an Ecuadorian leading feed manufacturer, is looking to export its various animal feed better known as "balanceados wayne".

Claramark was hired to participate in the Google Page One Management campaign and Spanish SEO, Molinos Champion has received an immediate boost in Google Search Engine Results for keywords such as“alimentos balanceados” and its trademark "balanceados wayne".  In order to cover Ecuador’s ever-growing market,

A microsite strategy was implemented to attack their prized key phrases including "shrimp feed" and "feed manufacturers". Thats two microsites in addition to a main site covering the entire market they compete in. The Spanish language main site is used to capture the local market share while the two English language sites have been optimized for foreign markets, thus allowing them the opportunity to compete with feed manufacturers on a global scale.

About Molinos Champion:

Molinos Champion is a top shrimp feed manufacturer in Ecuador that produces compound feed of high nutritional and technological value. All their operations are carried out under international standards, which is why they take pride in having the most modern plant for poultry, aquaculture and livestock feed processing.

If you have any questions regarding the various product line of animal feed offered by Molinos Champion please visit

Friday, March 12, 2010

Casas Ecuador

Spanish SEO specialist Elvis Arias announces the launch of his new website Casas Ecuador targeting keyword phrases related to the Real estate industry in Ecuador. The web portal is designed by a professional in internet marketing and promises to appear highly ranked on Google for various keyword related phrases such as “casas, departamentos oficinas”. If you are in the real estate business and want to promote your home online make sure to pay a visit to “Casas Ecuador” for an affordable and effective internet marketing solutions.

According to Elvis Arias founder of the online directory Casas Ecuador, “Real estate owners and brokers need to realize that the internet is used as an important informational tool for people looking to purchase or rent property”. Social media is also an important component utilized by Elvis to help reach out to people searching for homes in Ecuador. Clients of Casas Ecuador have an added advantage besides owning a listing on the main site. Every client listing will be added to numerous social networking sites such as “We leverage social media to the fullest extent to allow our clients to reach more potential buyers of Ecuadorian real estate”, Elvis Arias.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spanish SEO

Spanish SEO advisor Elvis Arias provides affordable and effective link building services that overtime result in Google Page One rankings. Link Building is the most important factor for getting higher rankings on search engines and gaining adequate website popularity. I use a variety of methods and sources for building links for your website.

When looking for a link building service, make sure they do not put all of their eggs in one basket. I'm referring to SEO practitioners who only specialize in directory listings while others concentrating specifically in blog posts. Some only buy links by the month, some only distribute articles or press releases, while others only practice reciprocal linking. In order to have an efficient Spanish SEO link building campaign it is necessary to have a diverse link building arsenal.

Look for a company or contractor who can offer a bit of everything because if your link builder is locked down in one style of linking, that means your site is associated with only one style it will be victim to any changes during the scheduled Google updates.

My focus is to generate quality, relevant inbound links to your website through a variety of sources, utilizing a variety of methods. I like to say that my link building methods are ethical and effective. I customize each link building campaign to your individual needs based on our analysis of your current inbound link portfolio and overall observation of your website. In addition, using sophisticated search operators we have developed over time, I will check your competitions’ backlinks to develop a targeted list of sites for the overall purposes of providing you with the best link building campaign available.

I have a set of cost effective plans designed for the specific needs of websites. I provide quality work at a reasonable price. For any Spanish SEO related questions you can reach me at 732-982-4848