Thursday, March 18, 2010

Balanceados Wayne

Elvis Arias, is proud to announce his participation with the Molinos Champion internet marketing and Spanish SEO project. Molinos Champion, an Ecuadorian leading feed manufacturer, is looking to export its various animal feed better known as "balanceados wayne".

Claramark was hired to participate in the Google Page One Management campaign and Spanish SEO, Molinos Champion has received an immediate boost in Google Search Engine Results for keywords such as“alimentos balanceados” and its trademark "balanceados wayne".  In order to cover Ecuador’s ever-growing market,

A microsite strategy was implemented to attack their prized key phrases including "shrimp feed" and "feed manufacturers". Thats two microsites in addition to a main site covering the entire market they compete in. The Spanish language main site is used to capture the local market share while the two English language sites have been optimized for foreign markets, thus allowing them the opportunity to compete with feed manufacturers on a global scale.

About Molinos Champion:

Molinos Champion is a top shrimp feed manufacturer in Ecuador that produces compound feed of high nutritional and technological value. All their operations are carried out under international standards, which is why they take pride in having the most modern plant for poultry, aquaculture and livestock feed processing.

If you have any questions regarding the various product line of animal feed offered by Molinos Champion please visit