Friday, March 19, 2010

Alimentos Balanceados

Molinos Champion S.A. has chosen Claramark’s knowledgeable team of search engine optimization experts including Spanish SEO consultant Elvis Arias to help their pages rank higher on Google search. The Spanish SEO team implemented an aggressive online marketing campaign that included Spanish and English translation, social media promotion and keyword optimization. With this, Molinos Champion will not only see a marked increase in its sales within the local market, but it will also expand its business internationally, thus achieving their main goal and helping bring Ecuador to the forefront of animal feed exports.

Molinos Champion’s website,, as well as its two sister websites: and are already ranking in the top ten websites on page one of Google search when the keywords “alimentos balanceados”, “feed manufacturer” and “shrimp feed” are entered, respectively.

Molinos Champion’s outstanding line of products includes balanced feed supplements for shrimp, fish, poultry, livestock, horses, sheep and other domestic animals. They are recognized worldwide for their quality and high nutritional value, and their technology and quality standards are monitored by their parent company Seaboard & Continental Grain Co., which guarantees that Molinos Champion’s WAYNE products will be a success competing within international markets.

Molinos Champion takes pride in offering the best products, some of which are:

  • Shrimp:  Super Larva, Super Maduración, Raceway, Super U
  • Tilapia: Tilapia 22% Extruído
  • Trout: Trucha Alevín 45%, Trucha Alevín A/D 50%, Trucha Engorde 32%, Trucha Engorde A/D 40%
Poultry: Chick Feed, Chick Starter, Chick Grower, Broiler, Broiler Finisher

Livestock: Ganamin Grower, Ganamin 10 Andina

Other Products: Super Can, WAYNE Super Horse, WAYNE for Rabbits, WAYNE for Mice, WAYNE for Guinea Pigs